How it Works:  Every modern vehicle has information being broadcast over the diagnostics port.  Our proprietary micro controller simply listens to that information and takes action based on what it's hearing. 

 Why This Matters: This creates a very simple system that is extremely easy to install.  Less Wires, No Switches, No Setup   Plug-in-Play! 

 The Features: Not just an automatic backup light!  You can also override the system to turn the light on for those times when a work light is needed. 

 What Does it Come With: We will send you everything needed. Full wire harness, Micro Controller, High Quality LED Lights, and Mounting Brackets 

 We Give You Options: Already have your favorite lights installed, no problem.  Simply order the micro controller and wire in with your existing setup. 

 Have Questions: We are here to help, give us a call or drop us a message.